old Fee Schedule


Initial license application (license fee pro-rated quarterly) $543.75 (Includes 2-year license with one practice location, application and certificate fees)
Endorsement license application $450 (Includes 2-year license at one practice location, application and certificate fees)
Add a Practice Location $200.00
Activate a current Inactive License $250.00
2-year Renewal for Active License and one practice location $750.00
2-year Renewal for Inactive License $500.00
Additional Location 2-year Renewal $200.00 (Each location)
For both active and inactive license renewals, a competed renewal form, continuing education compliance information, and proper renewal fees must be submitted bearing a postmark on or before February 28th of each even-numbered year to avoid suspension.
Reinstatement During Grace Period of License Suspended for non-renewal.
The grace period to renew a suspended license is 90 days, from the last day in February until midnight on May 29. On May 30, the license and all related certificates will have expired, and to gain licensure again in the state, the optometrist must submit a new application for licensure and all required information related to the application, including a recent passing score on the Nevada Law Exam. $750.00 Annual Renewal Fee, plus additional locations as applicable, plus $500 Late Fee
Duplicate License Certificate $75.00
Nevada Optometric Pharmaceutical Agents Certificate (OPAC) $75.00 (One Time)
Nevada Glaucoma Application and Nevada Glaucoma by endorsement $175.00 (One Time)
Nevada Certificate to operate a Mobile Optometry Clinic $600.00 for 2-year period
Nevada Substitute Optometry License Certificate $200 for 2-year period
Registration of Assumed or Fictitious Name $50.00 (One Time/Each Location)
Change of Practice Address $25.00
Letter of Good Standing $25.00